There’s been trouble in paradise -The Vinyl- (2022)

Limited Edition of 100 copies  € 17,50 + shipping expenses >> Please include your address, amount of LPs and desired payment method (Paypal, bank transfer). Email your order here! Originating in Litsa Kiousi´s choreographic work „There´s been trouble in paradise“ (2019), the album explores the culture of fear. The energy that thrives from the physicality… There’s been trouble in paradise -The Vinyl- (2022) weiterlesen

An Empire (2022)

Litsa Kiousi & Richard Hancock   coming soon…

spider (2022)

„Spider“ is a new new interdisciplinary project by artist Litsa Kiousi. Departing from the existing inequalities between women and men in almost all areas of life, both in Europe and beyond, Kiousi endeavor to explore the pandemic´ s massive disruption on the independence and careers of female artists in parenthood. Initially focusing on the Berlin… spider (2022) weiterlesen

Fragments of An Empire (2021)

An Empire is an ongoing research project from Litsa Kiousi and Richard Hancock. It is an exploration of the histories, atrocities, presents and futures of empire building. Through a collaborative dialogue, the artists map the tide of European history, and grapple with the complexity of existence in a modern empire. It is an urgent enquiry… Fragments of An Empire (2021) weiterlesen

The N.I.G.H.T Project (2018)

Litsa Kiousi was invited by Andrea Zittlau to „translate“ the poems of N.I.G.H.T in movement. N.I.G.H.T. is a book with poetry written by incarcerated men in Graterford, PA during creative writing / performance/ origami classes Andrea Zittlau facilitated between September 2015 and March 2016 together with Jayne Thompson.  Any attempt to embody the torments of incarceration… The N.I.G.H.T Project (2018) weiterlesen

There´s been trouble in paradise (2019)

„…and when we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard nor welcomed but when we are silent we are still afraid. So it is better to speak remembering we were never meant to survive“—  Audre Lorde, “The Black Unicorn”   
Cultural fear is a widespread manipulation tool designed to distort reality and… There´s been trouble in paradise (2019) weiterlesen

Territories of Crisis / rozar (2015)

A performance created in collaboration with Laura Corcuera, Litsa Kiousi and Manuel Vason for La Pocha Nostra´s „Territories of Crisis“ public presentation at the Fine Arts University in Athens, Greece.   „rozar“ is a temporary universe for negotiation and tenderness.

Visiting times – an event (2012)

Visiting Times is an event that aims at collaborations with artists from various fields. It was initiated in May 2010 at EIRA in Lisbon during a residency for „Where is the most beautiful funeral?“. For this event Litsa Kiousi invited three wonderful artists, Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten/Die Haut), Hopek Quirin and Richard Hancock (hancock&kelly) to… Visiting times – an event (2012) weiterlesen

Where is the most beautiful funeral? (2010)

„Close to the audience and yet enraptured. The choreographer and dancer Litsa Kiousi keeps the suspense for a long time. It seems as even the silence in the room is increasing. As well as the expectations: When will something happen?Where is the most beautiful funeral? the dance-concert for a musician, a dancer and an actor… Where is the most beautiful funeral? (2010) weiterlesen

watching Alice (2009)

It is a brief journey into a chamber.A chamber where fragility, control and sexuality are fighting either to co-exist or to dominate it.Based on the painting „Die Traum-Beschaute“ (Egon Schiele,1911), the solo enters the image’s mind and, through its physicality, transforms it into a living being. Choreography: Litsa KiousiMusic: Sebastian HilkenPerformed by: Litsa Kiousi and Sebastian… watching Alice (2009) weiterlesen