Fragments of An Empire (2021)

An Empire is an ongoing research project from Litsa Kiousi and Richard Hancock. It is an exploration of the histories, atrocities, presents and futures of empire building. Through a collaborative dialogue, the artists map the tide of European history, and grapple with the complexity of existence in a modern empire. It is an urgent enquiry into the future of a world balancing on a dangerous brink of repetition.


The project was initiated in January 2020. A key element of the research undertaken so far has been an active engagement with interdisciplinarity, moving between forms and media in the production of various documents that testify to the acknowledgment of European colonial practices.


As part of a residency through Raum on Demand, at Alte Münze Berlin the artists developed various objects, images and videos as Fragments Of An Empire.


An installation with inkjet print, burned white flag bunting rope, and rotten wood (including photograph by Mayra Wallraff) has been exhibited at Alte Münze Berlin as part of the Sommer Fest 2021.


The project is support from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe in the form of a Performing Arts Research Stipend.

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