There’s been trouble in paradise -The Vinyl- (2022)

Limited Edition of 100 copies 

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Originating in Litsa Kiousi´s choreographic work „There´s been trouble in paradise“ (2019), the album explores the culture of fear. The energy that thrives from the physicality of the performers and the intensity of the images created in a live event have been transferred to a sonic atmosphere. New arrangement of the original sound composition captures the essence of the visual performance and unveils an aural image in sound and words. This album is the extract of the brutality, intimacy and urgency of the eerie environment in which we are expected to function.

Text: Litsa Kiousi
Vocals: Litsa Kiousi and Marco Wittorf
Original sound composition, Arrangements by Alexandros Drymonitis
Mixed, Mastered by Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach
Produced by Litsa Kiousi and Marco Wittorf

Supported by GVL Stipend as part of NEUSTART KULTUR
Photography by Mayra Wallraff
Graphics / Design by Richard Hancock and Litsa Kiousi
Manufactured by Diggers Factory