Litsa Kiousi facilitates workshops and laboratories on movement, improvisation and composition in several dance centres and universities in Europe.
She aims to create a territory that offers the opportunity of freedom of research, choice and evolution of the singularity. Different approaches, practices, aesthetics, social, political and cultural backgrounds have a place and are discussed, collide and challenge each other in order to come together, collapse momentarily or fall apart.

She is also a guest-teacher for Cunningham technique and methodology for under – and postgraduate students in several educational programs.

Confuse yourself till it just makes sense / Vol. Unknown

The workshops are open to participants from a variety of practices – performers, dancers, musicians, visual artists, writers. They focus on the understanding of the body’s anatomy and its correct use. Major importance is given to the senses, into showing trust towards a foreign body and the challenge of boundaries. By creating a palette of movement, voice, a song, a painting, a movie or an insect, each one experiments, locates, rejects, expands, creates their personal range. Through this process – individually, in couples, in groups – the initial material, after falling apart, is transformed, reconstructed and a temporary reality is tenderly created.

Participants are encouraged to bring along anything that at that given period, interests them in working with, be it a prop of any kind, object, book, costumes, songs, a movie, a photo of their grandparents, a favourite recipe, a text they wrote or one that someone else did and they love it or hate it.

” Translated into the field of culture management, it could be exactly what it needs for innovative approaches towards new arts management: people who dare the impossible, overcome boundaries, think laterally and find options to bring their visions in a complete different way into reality.” (Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram)