Dream Inspector (2008)

“Above all Kiousi jolts the audience out of its comfortable passivity when she seeks eye contact amid her obscene gestures. Caught! One was a voyeur. The woman with the incredible body control saw it.” (Kreuzer – Das Leipzig Magazin)


Dream Inspector is a meeting point of a dance performance and a music concert where body, voice and live e-cello create an intimate, powerful and high-charged atmosphere. A dive in the world of the singer, song-writer and author Nick Cave and his characters. A voyeuristic view into their sensuality, cruelty, fear, humour.


Occasionally, guest artists are invited to offer their approach to the work, functioning as a support band.


Dream Inspector has been presented in theatres, galleries, clubs in Berlin (Schwelle7, Brotfabrik), Kassel (Temporary Home / Documenta12), Athens (Rebound Club), Leipzig (Schaubühne Lindenfels).


Concept/Choreography: Litsa Kiousi
Original music score: Sebastian Hilken
Text: Litsa Kiousi and Marco Wittorf
Lights: Veit Griess
Performed by: Sebastian Hilken, Litsa Kiousi, Marco Wittorf


Dream Inspector was produced by Litsa Kiousi and Marco Wittorf with the incredible support of Despoina Giannatou, Argyris Soumis, Supersaxonis, Volker Golbig and Josef.

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