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watching Alice (2009)

It is a short journey into a chamber.

A chamber where fragility, control and sexuality are fighting either to co-exist or to dominate it.

Based on the painting "Die Traum-Beschaute"(Egon Schiele,1911), the solo enters the image's mind and, through its physicality, transforms it into a living being.



Choreography: Litsa Kiousi

Music: Sebastian Hilken

Performed by: Litsa Kiousi and Sebastian Hilken

Video capture and editing: Marco Wittorf




© Marco Wittorf


The live soundscape created by Sebastian Hilken, filled with melodic and distorted sounds, enriches the work in a distinctive way.
watching alice was initially an excerpt of the full-length work Dream Inspector. Later on it evolved to an autonomous piece of work.

watching alice has been landed in Off Limits/Festival for Performing Arts (Dortmund), Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo (Leipzig), 638 Kilo Tanz und weitere Delikatessen (Essen).


© Marco Wittorf