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Visiting times - an event

Visiting Times is an event that aims at collaborations with artists from various fields. It departed in May 2010 at EIRA in Lisbon during a residency for Where is the most beautiful funeral?.


Visiting times / Berlin (1 & 2 November 2012)

For this event Litsa Kiousi invited three wonderful artists, Jochen Arbeit (Einst├╝rzende Neubauten/Die Haut), Hopek Quirin and Richard Hancock (hancock & kelly) to join her. At PANKE, Berlin


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After Iconographia (Single-Screen Version) by Richard Hancock & Traci Kelly

After Iconographia charts the final moments of a fading performance; a transformation from flesh to image, memory to myth, and gold to dust. Between 2006 and 2010, Richard Hancock and Traci Kelly performed their live durational work Iconographia for audiences internationally. The performance explored questions of value, skin and cultural economy through the act of Traci Kelly covering and sealing together the entwined bodies of Richard Hancock and a dead pig carcass in gold-leaf. For the Inbetween Time Biennial of Live Art in Bristol, UK, in 2010, hancock & kelly performed the piece for the last time, before premiering a three-screen video installation of the action, titled After Iconographia. A new single screen version of this piece will be shown for the first time as part of Litsa Kiousi's programme of Visiting Times event at Panke.

Visiting time - Live Installation by Litsa Kiousi

Visiting Time is an invitation to an intimate encounter where the skin and a marker are entering in an intense dialogue.

Where is the most beautiful funeral? with Sebastian Hilken/Litsa Kiousi/Marco Wittorf

Where is the most beautiful funeral? is a dance-concert for one dancer, one actor and one musician. A living-picture that captures the atmosphere of loneliness of human beings, poeticly created by movements, words and sounds.

Soundscapes with Jochen Arbeit, Sebastian Hilken, Hopek Quirin

Soundscapes is the task and challenge to create an open forum for soundartists to exchange the results of their research in a public space. Important hereby is the moment of the spontanious meeting of two different systems of soundscaping, independent from each other. The results will be unpredictable, unique and temporary.


Visiting times / Lisbon (May 2010)



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